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Justsnap solutions exploit the power of sales receipts in executing proof of purchase based, direct to consumer promotional campaigns. Our innovative receipt processing technology enables brands to run high ROI shopper activations in any offline or online sales channel while establishing a connection with their consumer and providing invaluable shopping basket data for re-targeting.

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Before Justsnap

In the past, companies engaging in any purchase-based promotion or loyalty programs faced difficulties like investing in product package redesign, establishing cooperation with retailers and integrating with their POS systems.

After Justsnap

It is now possible to execute a campaign for a product already on shelf. Thanks to Justsnap’s innovative receipt processing technology, consumers may participate in such campaigns just by uploading their receipts as the proof of purchase and get digitally rewarded right after the validation.

Advantages of Justsnap

Fast Activation

Since there is no need to make changes to the product packaging, each product on the shelf can be promoted without any change.

Unique Consumer Data

Thanks to the voluntarily shared sales receipt, we can provide unique information about the consumer’s shopping habits.

No Integration Required

Since our technology operates independent of the POS systems of the retailers, campaigns of various mechanics can be quickly architected.

Rich Reward Options

Rewards can be selected from our diverse catalog tailored for different audiences and can be delivered to customers instantly as digital codes.


Allows brands to get to know their consumers, to re-target them repeatedly, and to get feedback from them through surveys.

Cost Advantage

The process is designed and recorded in a digital environment which minimizes waste and saves time. In addition, all advantages provided minimize the cost pressure.






Receipts Processed

2M+ €

Rewards Redeemed

Our Solutions

Advanced Receipt Processing Technology

Our receipt processing technology enables the images to be digitized through various technological processes. In this way, thanks to our machine learning platforms, it is determined automatically whether the sales receipt used as proof of purchase meets the defined campaign rules.


Rich Digital Rewards Catalogue

The most important element of each campaign that motivates the consumer is the appropriate reward selection. Companies may select from the continuously expanding Justsnap digital rewards catalogue tailored for different target audiences or may choose to supply their own rewards for their campaigns.


Online to Offline Conversions

Companies utilizing digital media advertisement to announce their promotional or loyalty campaigns can now track their consumers journey end to the end. Thanks to the integration with Justsnap platform, they can monitor the effectiveness of the online campaign communication at the offline sales channels.


Unique Shopping Insight

A simple shopping receipt is in fact one of the most valuable sources of information for companies who do not have direct access to their customers. In this way, brands can access unique data about consumer’s shopping behavior, product and retailer preferences.



Using the retargeting program, brands can specifically target their existing customers, category customers, or customer groups segmented by different methods, and communicate with these consumers during and after the campaign.


Systematic Fraud Detection

The Fraud Detection Module prevents multiple use of the same receipt using computer-based approximation techniques. Fraudulent users are also systematically monitored.


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