No matter how complex and ambitious your customer interaction and loyalty goals are, we strive to help you accomplish these goals.

Campaign Idea & Concept

In order to help you achieve your corporate objectives, we work with you starting with the idea generation phase to creating the mechanics of the planned campaign. We also make recommendations for announcement tools to generate traffic to the campaign.

Consumer Participation Platform

After the creation of the concept, we setup the media where the campaign will be running and the touch points consumers can access from. According to your needs, we make the necessary definitions in the mobile application, Facebook bot or prepare a microsite harmonious with your brand.


We help you choose the most appropriate reward for your brand and campaign concept from our rich suite of reward options suitable for various customer target groups, we ensure that all gifts are delivered digitally to deserved consumers.

Hosting and Maintenance

We ensure the hosting and smooth running of your campaign. Within the framework of holistic campaign management, we continuously monitor the activities and intervene when necessary.

Consumer Care Center

Thanks to our operation team, we manage all kinds of questions and requests from consumers with a professional approach. If necessary, we communicate with the brand and we do not leave any consumer demand unanswered.

Reporting & Analysis & Profiling

We report the data collected during your campaign process in the clearest way, and if the campaign and data are appropriate, we analyze the consumer’s shopping basket.

Why Should I Use Justsnap technologies ?

Effective Campaign Results

We help you to set goals and create the program that includes the most accurate campaign dynamics to achieve these goals. We ensure a rapid sales increase to your brand with the right implementation of the ideal campaign, while providing an interaction with your consumers compatible with your brand’s strategy.

Creative Technology

What makes us different is our technology. Justsnap Company stands out with its fast and secure platforms that supports all kinds of campaign dynamics and allows consumers to participate in different interactive channels. In today’s digital world, we aim to continuously measure and improve each campaign for fast and effective management, hence improve the quality of our service.

Quality service

Our happy customers are our most important marketing tool. For this reason, with the experience we gained from previous campaigns, we support areas that are open to development in our projects with creative ideas. In addition, thanks to our operations team, we manage all kinds of questions and requests coming from our shoppers with a professional approach and we do not leave any consumer’s demand unanswered.